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East Naples fire declares financial urgency; Union leaders call it 'strong-arm tactic: The declaration calls for a 14-day impact bargaining process between the union, the fire district officials and their attorneys, according to Florida Statutes. If an agreement is not reached, district attorney John Hament said East Naples fire commissioners could impose the district's proposed cuts, which include a 24 percent to 27 percent pay cut, requiring firefighters to contribute to healthcare benefits and altering overtime pay arrangements.

City declares impasse in contract negotiations with police union
1)Hament planned to officially declare the impasse in writing with Florida's Public Employees Relations Commission no later than Wednesday. He said the city plans to waive the first two steps - mediation and special magistrate
2) By waiving the first steps, the issue goes directly to the Cape Coral City Council for resolution. The union can seek or request a special magistrate, but a special magistrate can only provide a recommendation to the council.

St. Johns County declares impasse in talks with fire union

Firefighters unions, cities at odds over contracts: "Both locally and statewide, fire unions are fighting to hold on to gains they made following three events that raised the public's perception of their work: the wildfires of 1998, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the hurricanes of 2004."

Hialeah Declares Impasse With Firefighters Union

Florida unions face uphill battle to keep clout: "Now that an impasse is declared in firefighter negotiations, a special magistrate will step in, weigh both sides and make a recommendation. But the recommendation isn't binding. If the union or the city reject the recommendation, or a portion of the recommendation, the dispute will end up going to the legislative body — in this case, the Cape City Council — for a final decision."


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