This web site is dedicated to the Democratic concept of grass roots involvement by every citizen in their community.

Everyone of us needs to engage and challenge our local elected officials on every decision they make. The government should not be spending our money unless it results in one of the following:

  • creates value added jobs
  • reduces the debt
  • increases efficiency
  • provides the basic services:
  • planning
  • economic development
  • public works
  • police
  • fire
  • emergency medical
  • emergency management

Explore the site and you will find the what/where/when for local board meetings.

If you have comments, suggestions or an issue that needs to be addressed feel free to contact us.

I urge you to Get Involved! in one or more local boards and make a difference!

Feel free to use the information in this site. Please reference as the reference source.

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You do not need to provide any personal information. However, please stick to the facts and reference sources where appropriate.


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