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Dunce Caps Awarded to Three Sarasota County School Board Members (By Dr. Richard Swier (Scribe) on August 21st, 2011) .......Now for the statements made by Dr. Todd, Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Brown that qualified them for their dunce caps.

Ms. Brown, "I have concerns that these schools can expand where we have no authority over them." (The main issue is the union has no control within charter schools because the union contract does not apply to them.) 

Ms. Goodwin, "Why do we have so many charter schools with such a great public school system?" (Sarasota County public school student FCAT scores for all ethnic groups, Sarasota County students do less well when compared to other Florida school district FCAT scores.)

Dr. Todd, "We're equitable with our public schools, but not everything is equal." (Does Dr. Todd want all schools to be equally bad?)

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Al Weidner during the meeting stated the district is losing 4,870 Sarasota County school children — about 12 percent — and $3.8 million, about 5 percent of total capital, to nine area charter schools. (The question should be how can charter schools do it with only 41% of what it costs the School Board?).


American Federation of Teachers diffuses Parent Trigger in Connecticut (8-1-11)
Background: In 2010 California enacted the parent trigger. It empowers parents to use petition drives to force failing schools to reform.
Last year, Connecticut attempted to enact a parent trigger. The AFT tried to kill it. When that didn't happen, they developed tactics to gut it's effectiveness. They used union influence on Connecticut legislators.
Evidence: A blogger copied an AFT powerpoint presentation and put it on the web before the AFT could take it off their web site. The result is a watered down process with "school grievance councils" replacing petition drives.

Teachers Union plans "welcome" for Rick Scott
"As previously posted Governor Rick Scott is scheduled as the keynote speaker for the March 19th the Charlotte County Republican Party's Lincoln Day dinner to be held at the Cultural Center in Port Charlotte. CFEA and CCSPA are working with our colleagues in other counties to make sure the Governor receives an appropriate Charlotte County Welcome. As the planning moves forward we need some people to help organize our welcome. If you are interested or know someone who would do a great job in this arena, please reply sender or call the union office at 743-$%$&. All correspondence will; be kept in strictest confidence."source> (hotteanews3-3-11)
Cuts in Education Could Lead to 20,000 Layoffs
In Polk County, the cuts in Gov. Rick Scott's education budget would represent a $62 million loss, compared with $29.2 million in Manatee and $15.3 million in Charlotte County. In Sarasota County, represent a $22.5 million loss in funding. ... read more> (The Ledger2-20-11)
School districts bracing for less money locally
Gov. Rick Scott's Scott announced his plan Monday to cut school spending statewide by 10 percent per student.. read more> (Herald-Tribune 2-8-11)
Tennessee County School Board Fires Teachers Union
"I fail to see why anyone has the guaranteed right to force an employer to negotiate with a union...Where else besides government does that happen in the real world?" read more > (Right Wing News 2-5-11)
Lemon Bay High teacher resigns
"her violations included leaving school without permission, ...crediting students for a leadership class in exchange for baby sitting her children read more > (Herald Tribune 1-12-11)


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