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Video Matrix

9-28 Connie Mack on Regulation and Taxes impact 9-22 Connie Mack questions Solindra and green job definitions (Hilda takes a fall) FOX news clarifies the issue with counting "green jobs" 9-14 Connie Mack responds to "Pass this bill now" and Barney Frank responds to something only he sees
Hoffa to the rest of us... A little levity..I think Marco Rubio Tampa speech on debt ceiling and the country we have a winner-Nobel Prize in Quantum physics : confinement of mutually exclusive states in the same space at different times
8/23 Marco Rubio at Regan Library 6-22 Rep Kelly tells the House to grow up and get real 8-17 Alan West explains Maxine Waters motivations 8-17 Maxine Waters on Obama: We're Gettin' Tired Yall
8-7 Dave Axelrod on why tea party is responsible for the downgrade (really!) 8-1 Connie Mack shows class 7-30 Marco Rubio SHINES on the debt debate 7-28 Connie Mack on "in the Arena" talking budget
7-29 Connie Mack on Hannity radio: penny plan 7-28 Rand Paul on Fox clearing up baseline budget fiction 7-19 Connie Mack to vote no on cut, cap, more games 7-19 Marco Rubio on Obama economic miracle and how to fix it


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