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7-25 Rubio plain talk on debt 7-21 Marco criticizes Dems on MSLSD
7/21/11Boehner on NLRB and debt limit status Republicans missing the boat on Hispanic vote
West / Wasserman at the OK Corral
7/20/11 MSLSD strikes (out) again 7/17/11 Rubio on Face the nation re debt 7/15/11 GOP Senators on lack of Budget 7/14/11 Connie Mack calls Obama on scare tactics
7/8 Marco:some common sense on taxing millionaires and billionaires 7/8 Marco:what taxes create new jobs? JUNE 29, 2011: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio took a moment to respond to mail from his constituents in Florida. One of those letters came from an individual asking about foreign assistance and whether or not that money should be 6/29/11 Senator Marco Rubio took a moment this afternoon to respond to mail from constituents in Florida
6/28 Marco Rubio on Kudlow (straight talk on taxes and the debt) Connie Mack on Morning Joe for 1% solution

Congressman Connie Mack (R-FL) Discusses His Penny Plan to Balance the Budget in Eight Years from Connie Mack on Vimeo.

6/22/11 Connie Mack questions Ron Bloom (special assistant to the president) 6/30/11 Senator Marco Rubio spoke on the floor along with fellow Freshman Republican Senators about the seriousness of our massive debt and the need for a balanced budget.
6/19 Nelson flip flops 6/18 Marco Rubio Senate Speech 6/13 LeMieux Campaign Speech at PCREC 6/13 Connie Mack 1% solution

3-8 Steven King's wisdom revelaed

3-9 Mack and West are tight on the budget approach 3-9 West on NPR  
2-16 Chris Christie on the big things 2-16 Vern Buchanan grills OMB director 2-25 Republicans Set To Battle Sen. Bill Nelson In 2 Years link Alan West on high speed rail
2-16 Bill Nelson on the wrong side of the tracks (again) 2-16 Connie Mack Outraged on Debt Games 2-16 Connie Mack on missed opportunity to reduce government intrusion 2-16 Rick Scott on high speed rail cancellation


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